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Vetmedicum® radionics and bioresonance

The Vetmedicum® radionics/bioresonance programme offers a variety of possibilities to search for new therapeutic approaches within the framework of resonance fields, to engage in energetic causal research and then to balance these.

Radionics/bioresonance is an energetic analysis and therapy method from the field of quantum physics and biocommunication.

More than 100 years ago, the American doctor Dr. Albert Abrams discovered that every living being has an individual resonance field and that this can also be found in the hair, saliva or blood.

By means of these resonance fields, it is possible to identify energetic blockages and stresses in animals with the Vetmedicum® programme. Animals in particular react very sensitively and positively to this form of balancing, which is completely painless and stress-free for the animal. Thanks to carrier substances, it is no longer even necessary for the animal to be close by during the energetic diagnosis.

Advantages for the user of the Vetmedicum® programme

A clear and user-friendly programme design
Suitable for veterinarians, alternative practitioners, physiotherapists, communicators
Mobile application easily possible
Separation of test possibilities according to animal species
Resonance test is separated according to diagnosis and therapy possibilities
Different carrier substances can be used for balancing
Graphic images are available for easy client presentation
Unique: the resonance causal search for a variety of complaints

This graphic representation finds a high level of acceptance and understanding among animal owners.

Further energetic test options of Vetmedicum® are

Diverse initial analysis options
Finding resonances to environmental stresses
Energetic burdens through vaccines
Energetic search for the causes of various disease patterns
Resonating homeopathic information
Testing energetic intolerances to foodstuffs
Finding energetic burdens through viruses and bacteria
Search for geopathic interference fields
Finding the right therapy method on an energetic level
Harmonisation of the living environment
And many other possible uses

These bioenergetic findings can often shed light on why the generally known therapy methods do not achieve equally good treatment success with every animal.

The Vetmedicum® radionic device is 100% designed for energetic testing for animals and their habitat.

All parts are manufactured in Germany with the best quality workmanship.

It is possible to test the system and its application for 4 weeks for a contribution towards expenses.

Please contact us for detailed prices.

Please note:

Radionics/ bioresonance therapy has not yet been recognised by conventional medicine, it is therefore assigned to the field of alternative or curative medicine.