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Frequency field therapy
for animals

What is the frequency field therapy?

The application options of frequency field therapy are unlimited. In this form of therapy, vibrations (Hz) are transferred to the matrix of the animal by means of frequency fields.

The advantages of Vetmedicum® at a glance

Via an easy-to-use online portal, the therapist can individually compile single frequencies or frequency packages.
There are over 140 frequencies available for use, all of which can be individually combined with each other.
The frequencies available on the online portal are so broad that they meet the needs of a wide variety of therapist groups: Veterinarians, animal healers, animal physiotherapists, animal communicators and animal behaviour therapists.
The compact system is suitable for use in mobile practices, at home or in your practice rooms.
In the best case, the customer of your animal healing or animal physiotherapy practice receives the frequency field mat on loan to take home and can thus actively support the therapy of his pet independently.

In order to make the mode of action of frequency therapy tangible and perceptible for the animal owner and thus increase acceptance and understanding, Vetmedicum® optionally supplies them with a further additional device: The frequency field indicator. This makes the frequency programme running in the mat AUDIBLE.

The intensity can be continuously adjusted from 0 - 100% on the transmission device.
Two different sizes of frequency-field mat are available.
Highest quality standards through Made in Germany.


The Vetmedicum® frequency-field therapy treatment for cats


The Vetmedicum®
frequency-field therapy treatment for cats
The Vetmedicum®frequency-field therapy treatment for dogs


The Vetmedicum®
frequency-field therapy treatment for dogs
The Vetmedicum® Frequency Field Therapy treatment for horses


The Vetmedicum®
Frequency Field Therapy treatment for horses

Supporting examples

Frequency-field therapy can positively support the self-healing powers and regeneration in the desired body cells through its individual frequency setting. At the same time, it provides them with the necessary energy to strengthen the immune system.

The spectrum of effects includes the following complaint patterns:

Bony, fascial and muscular complaints
Impairments of the musculoskeletal system
Metabolic disorders
Environmental stress
Bacterial and viral strains
Mental stress and behavioural problems

If you have further questions, please contact us directly.

For animal therapists there is the possibility of a 4-week test period.

Please note:
Frequency-field therapy has not yet been recognised by conventional medicine and is therefore classified as alternative or curative medicine.